Julia Dantas

Julia Dantas


From a young age, Julia’s passion was always about making things beautiful—whether it be through art, hair, or makeup. At 21 years old, living in an old farmhouse in a hamlet in Southern Ontario, Canada, it hasn’t stopped her from chasing her big dreams.

Julia graduated at the top of her class from the award winning College of Makeup, Art & Design. Having done so, she is a certified makeup artist skilled in all areas; fashion, theatre, SFX, prosthetics and creature design. Since graduating Julia has progressively challenged herself every day. Starting out at the bottom, and slowly working her way up. She volunteered for different films, where she would sometimes commute four hours per day, for little to no money. Nonetheless, Julia’s passion for the craft never stopped her from chasing her dreams.

Shortly after graduating, Julia began to set up ‘creative editorial shoots’, where the photographer, model and makeup artist collaborate. Julia did these weekly to build up her portfolio and master different makeup looks.
She decided to start her own YouTube channel and Instagram page
@juliadantasbeauty to show off all of the mad skills she’d spent hours perfecting.

Julia has always wanted to help people look and feel amazing. Knowing that with a few little tricks, makeup can transform your entire look, and in truth, the way you feel. As people started to recognize her work, she started getting busier and busier.  Her latest project was being a contestant on Kim Kardashian West’s TV show Glam Masters, where she went on to the final episode. She created wicked looks in under an hour, all while being filmed by a major Los Angeles film crew and having her work put under a magnifying glass by some of the biggest names in the makeup world.  She has been posted on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram, as well as KKW Beauty, Pure Cosmetics, Tarte Cosmetics, Smashbox, Glamglow, MDNA SKIN (Madonna’s skin care line) and dozens more. Julia was recently featured in the July edition of Marie Claire, becoming the youngest makeup artist to ever be featured in the magazine.

Apart from her social media presence, Julia creates content for various companies. Her ongoing partnership with CBC Life, consists of creating YouTube videos for their social media accounts. These videos reach thousands, sometimes even hundreds of thousands of views. Recently, she was a model herself for Glam Masters judge, A-list celebrity makeup artist (to Kim Kardashian West among others) and king of makeup, Mario Dedivanovic @makeupbymario.

Julia strongly believes that if you work hard and believe in yourself, anything is possible. Never give up on what you believe. The power of the mind is a fantastic thing!

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