Flor De Sal – Feijoada. NOAH GANHÃO
Flor De Sal – Feijoada.

Feijoada—Rustic no more


At its core, feijoada is pork and beans. In fact, its name is derived from feijão, which is Portuguese for beans. It is considered Luso soul food and is served in Portuguese speaking households throughout the world – Macau, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Goa, India and Brazil. So delicious, that it is considered Brazil’s national dish. So versatile that there are countless variations which use local ingredients – the Trás-os-Montes region of Portugal uses red kidney beans and cabbage, where Minho uses white beans and chouriço (Portuguese smoked sausage), and Brazil’s version is famous for using
black beans.

This rustic meal was born in the rural areas of northern Portugal during the 15th century. Unlike the rich, who were privy to daily intakes of fresh meat, the common folk needed to salvage all parts of the animals they raised. After rationing it over time by means of salting and curing, meat would then be stewed with vegetables giving origin to the feijoada we know today. Although it is considered by many to be one of Portugal’s finest gifts to the taste buds of the world, it is rarely considered a delicacy pristine enough for fine restaurants.

Cristina Da Costa, owner of Flor de Sal Restaurant has set out to change that. After inheriting her mother’s recipe, she has spent the past 15 years experimenting with different beans, meats and techniques to bring us the most refined, light version of what is typically a very heavy meal.

We refuse to compromise on taste or quality.

When asked about her feijoada, Cristina was naturally very tight lipped, but did offer some insight, “The smoked pork is very important, as is the slow roasting process I use for the vegetables. Actually, the entire process is quite time consuming. From start to finish the feijoada takes 24 hours before it is ready to be served.”

These are the types of things that set Cristina and Flor de Sal apart from many other Toronto restaurants. The originality of the recipes – a delicious fusion of Mediterranean flavours, the patience to make every meal perfect and the freshness. “Every ingredient we use is fresh, and every herb we use is from our garden. We refuse to compromise on taste or quality.”

After finishing my meal, I take a sip from my wine and make one final attempt at cracking the feijoada code. “Well, let’s just say there are only two places where you will ever eat this meal and the second is at my home.”

Flor de Sal Restaurant
501 Davenport Rd, Toronto

Feijoada à portuguesa

Aos poucos já me conformei que nunca serei capaz de reproduzir a receita secreta do Flor de Sal, mas como é que lido com uma emergência de feijoada? Os rapazes vêm cá no sábado à noite, para vermos o John Tavares e, esperamos nós, ver os Leafs a derrotar os Le Habs, e deve estar no menu um prato português. O problema está resolvido. Desafiei a Rosa Bandeira, a “Chef” não oficial da MDC Media Group e pedi-lhe para criar uma versão simples, que pudesse facilmente ser feita em uma hora e ela assim fez. Bom Apetite.


  • 1.5kg de Chispe
  • 200g Chouriço português (cortar a 1/4 inch de espessura)
  • 250g de Cenouras (aos cubos)
  • 2 Cebolas
  • 2 Dentes de alho
  • 1 Lata grande de feijão branco
  • 1 Lata pequena de tomate esmagado
  • 1 dL de Vinho Branco
  • 0.5 dL de Azeite
  • 1 Folha de Louro
  • Sal
  • Pimenta Branca
  • Salsa


  1. Limpe o Chispe e disponha-o na panela de pressão, juntamente com uma cebola inteira. Cubra com água, tempere com sal e deixe cozinhar durante 25 minutos.
  2. Retire a carne da panela de pressão, coe o caldo e reserve.
  3. Retire a carne do osso e corte em pedaços pequenos.
  4. Descasque e corte os dentes de alho e a outra cebola.
  5. Aqueça o azeite numa panela, grande e com base pesada.
  6. Sauté durante 5 minutos e depois adicione os tomates esmagados e as rodelas de chouriço.
  7. Adicione as cenouras aos cubos e deixe cozinhar durante 10 minutos.
  8. Junte o vinho branco e deixe evaporar.
  9. Adicione os 2 L do caldo de porco que tinha guardado, junte a carne cortada e deixe ferver por 10 minutos.
  10. Mexa os feijões e deixe cozinhar durante 5 minutos extra.
  11. Enfeite com a salsa picada e sirva com arroz branco.


The kitchen at Flor de Sal Restaurant. NOAH GANHÃO
Flor De Sal – Feijoada. NOAH GANHÃO
Cristina Da Costa, Owner of Flor de Sal Restaurant. NOAH GANHÃO

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