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Winter self-care


Like many people, I’ve found myself feeling anxious at one point or another over these last few months. I think that given the current circumstances in the world it’s completely understandable to be feeling all kinds of emotions. Some days I’m productive and happy, and other days I feel really stressed. That being said, I also think that it’s never been more important to try to prioritize self-care as a way to brighten up your day when you need it.

Of course, to different people self-care can mean a lot of different things. Personally, I have a few things that make me feel calm and happy.  My first tip is to implement a morning routine that makes you feel good. 

For me, the perfect morning starts with doing my skincare routine. Not only is washing and moisturizing my face important to me, but it also helps to wake me up. After that, I like to make myself a coffee and some warm water with lemon to sip on. I then make sure to take time for my 5-minute journal. The best thing about journaling is that it truly doesn’t need to take more than just a few minutes to write down your thoughts and set your intentions for the day. I find this can make all the difference in how I approach the rest of my day. It’s also a great way to practice gratitude and quickly remind myself how lucky I am (which stops any negative thoughts from entering my mind).

If I need a quick way to incorporate self-care into my work day, I love to make my surroundings really calming. While working from home, I light my favourite candle, make myself a tea, and wear something comforting and cozy. There’s truly no quicker way to change my mood than lighting a really nice candle and sipping on something warm. If I really want to amp-up my tea game, I might treat myself to a chai tea latte from a nearby cafe.

Despite the convenience of working from home, there are some days that I just really need to get outside. Going for a walk is probably one of the absolute best things that I do to reduce my anxiety. Some days I like to listen to a podcast while I walk, and other days I just want to listen to fun and happy music. No matter what I’m listening to though, moving my body and getting fresh air is always the perfect way to reset. Though I live in the city, there are plenty of beautiful paths by the lake that help to make me feel connected to nature.

As a makeup artist, I also sometimes like to do my own makeup for fun. I find this very therapeutic – almost like meditating! I’m really grateful that I love what I do, and that my job is still a fun hobby for me too.

At the end of the day—especially if I’ve had a really long and tiring day—I love to light a few candles and run myself a bath. I also like to add in some bubbles! There are brands that include really nice essential oils in the bubble bath, so it’s a fantastic way to relax. 

In addition to my morning routine, I find that having a consistent nighttime routine is really important as well. If I have enough time, I love to do a face mask and take care of my body by exfoliating and moisturizing with body oil. No matter what, my nighttime routine always includes a really great skincare routine for my face. Going to sleep with a freshly cleaned face makes me feel my absolute best. 

I also like to include a quick meditation to truly calm my mind down before sleep. I enjoy guided meditations using apps on my phone. Short, guided meditations are my favourite because I’m able to quickly re-centre myself in such a short amount of time.

Finally, self-care on the weekends for me is all about unplugging from work to spend quality time with family and friends. Though right now group numbers are limited, I try see my small group of friends if I can, and simply spend time with my boyfriend and family. There is ultimately nothing that makes me happier than to be with the ones I love. 

If you are someone who relates to experiencing anxiety lately, I hope that these self-care ideas can help. Given the current state of the world, and especially as we approach the winter months, it’s important to take time for yourself. Life is about finding joy in the little things when times are tough, so remember to take a breath, and practice self-care when you need it.



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