BEAR Steak Sandwiches
BEAR Steak Sandwiches: Two friends with a love for food, feed steak sandwiches to their friends from a backyard barbecue, then set up shop in Toronto's Little Italy, to feed to the rest of us.
Surprisingly, there was a time when people kept their bread, meats and cheeses apart. It was a dark era in history and it’s BS [Before Sandwiches]. Evolution is delicious.
SanRemo Bakery - pizza
Sharing pizza and conversation with friends after picking up a pizza at SanRemo Bakery is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
The Rainbow Restaurant Oshawa
What's better than enjoying a big plate of bacon and eggs with a side of white toast and a bottomless cup of coffee at your local greasy spoon? Nothing, really. Welcome to The Rainbow Restaurant.
Pastel de Nata - Luso Life
The pastel de nata will elude us no more ... and it only took us 12 issues to finally find an avó that would satisfy our sweet tooth with this classic Portuguese dessert.

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