Rosa Dantas–Arroz Doce .NOAH GANHÃO
As a child, waking up on a Sunday morning to the sweet smell of rice slowly cooking in milk and...
avó Beatriz Gonçalves making rissóis at Grāz restobar
The two “musts” at every Portuguese gathering... a common connection and rissóis! We share a story and a recipe from Avó Beatriz.
SanRemo Bakery - pizza
Sharing pizza and conversation with friends after picking up a pizza at SanRemo Bakery is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
Green wall and open sign shadow at Mercado Negro
Mercado Negro brings modern Portuguese dining to Toronto. Every aspect of this restaurant is alluring—from the decor and presentation of...
Cabrito Assado
In Portugal, o cabrito is invited to all the big festivities. In fact, Avô Augusto calls his oven-roasted cabrito the true icon of Portuguese gastronomy.
Surprisingly, there was a time when people kept their bread, meats and cheeses apart. It was a dark era in history and it’s BS [Before Sandwiches]. Evolution is delicious.
What do you mean there isn’t a large chunk of codfish in the middle of your Christmas dinner? Pancake Tuesday?...

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