We sat down in Portugal with Agir—singer, songwriter and producer to ask him a few questions about his blossoming career.
Protest Songs
Since the beginning of time people have been writing songs demanding change and inspiring people to action. The fact that all of those songs are still relevant today tells a sad story of the state of humankind.
Nico Paulo
Since our last encounter with Nico Paulo, she's moved to Newfoundland, set up her own design studio, recorded and released her eponymous debut album. While touring in Toronto, Nico brought us up to speed.
July talk by David McDonald
Thirteen years in the pit may sound like some sort of death-row punishment, but to concert photographer David McDonald, it’s the best place to be.
Ana Da Silva
We interview a post-punk pioneer. As a member of The Raincoats, she released her first album in 1979; In the 90s, the all female band became the darling of the Riot Grrrl movement; in 2018 [when she was nearly 70] she started making electronic music and recorded a new album in 2018. Meet Ana da Silva.

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