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One hundred and fifty days. 150 days since Ontario officially shut down. A lot can happen in 150 days…

For many of us, those 150 days have been spent without an ounce of makeup on our skin—for better or for worse. For me, the majority of these days have been spent with sunscreen, a cleanse of the face after hours in the sun followed by moisturizer. My skin has never looked better. More importantly, it has never felt better. This is difficult for me to admit being someone with an entire drawer dedicated to skincare. Turns out all you really need is a pandemic, sunscreen and a good moisturizer, the rest is all placebo. But I am a firm believer in giving your skin time to heal.

I am a lover of all things makeup and welcome experimentation whenever inspiration strikes. For me, it’s a stroke of genius just after midnight. I flick on my mood lighting and get to work. Now is the perfect time to get-to-know that palette you forgot you bought a few weeks ago on that late night bender. There is no better time to bust out the neon liner for your 9AM Zoom call. Or just because you miss getting dolled up to venture out into the world—pre-masks and pandemic, of course. The beauty of this strange limbo period that we’re in right now is that we can try anything and everything because it feels like we have all the time in the world. Over the past 150 days my mother has made bread on 3 separate occasions. She usually hates baking, but she’s found bread baking therapeutic. Makeup is a creative outlet that many often overlook, and much like baking bread for my mum, the act of getting ready can also have a restorative effect on someone. So as much as I love having clear skin, I love putting makeup on more. For me, the more I played with makeup the more I fell in love. Maybe now is the perfect time to reignite your love of the art rather than the feeling of necessity… Make a mess! Use blush as eye shadow, draw on fake freckles, put rhinestones all over your face—there are no limits! There is no better time to play with your face! With all that in mind, where do you start? It’s usually Pinterest for me, it’s packed with looks ranging from larger-than-life ethereal editorial to the classic “no makeup, makeup” look. Some other things to try; the monochromatic look, 1960s Twiggy inspired graphic liner, 1970s disco moment with vibrant all-over-the-lid glittery eyeshadow. And my personal favourite, HBOs Euphoria, unparalleled bold looks layered with unconventional colours and non-traditional techniques!

Whether you’re new to playing with makeup or an old pro I encourage you to just have fun. Who cares if your wings are contrasting shapes or if your contour isn’t blended flawlessly! Just embrace the moment, trust your inner creative and remember SPF!


Emily Gilmore lipstick kisses

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