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Ten summer beauty products


Summer is here and it’s in full swing, so it’s time to talk about my ten favourite products, that are a must in my beauty routine! Watch a full breakdown on my YouTube channel Julia Dantas Beauty for a more in-depth look!

  1. Sunscreen: Sunscreen is something a lot of us look past or forget about, but it truly is the most crucial product for your beauty routine! Don’t worry, you can still wear a sunscreen with a low SPF so that you still achieve a nice tan but it is important that you don’t burn you face. Getting a rosy face may look cute or sun-kissed, but in reality, it is only going to lead to sun spots and wrinkles down the road. My favourite sunscreen is the AlumierMD SPF 40. Keep in mind you want to use a sunscreen that has at least SPF of 30 or higher, especially on your face! You can also find BB Creams or tinted moisturizers that have a SPF infused do you can skip a step in your makeup routine and get coverage and protection all in one!
  2. Highlighter/Illuminator: One of my secret beauty hacks is a liquid highlighter or illuminator! What is this you may ask? It is a cream infused with a highlighter formula that hydrates your face and gives you a stunning glow and radiance from within. My personal favourite is the Burberry Beauty Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base. It is 55% water base and has crushed pearls to help blur fine lines, while brightening up your face. Apply this on the go for a nice little pick-me-up or layer under your foundation for a flawless glow from within.
  3. Primer: One of the most important steps in your makeup routine. Primer sets your foundation, holds it into place and makes your makeup last all day. My go-to primer for the summer is the Milk Makeup Hydro-Grip Primer. This primer has a sticky/grippy texture so it really holds any product you layer on top of it—perfect for a long day in the sun, an outside wedding or a beach day.
  4. Cream Bronzer: Cream bronzer is an essential for an easy makeup application. You can apply this to your face in seconds and blend it out with the warmth of your fingertips. While cream bronzers are great because they are fast and easy. They also give you a more hydrated and natural look because of the cream formula. Milk Makeup has an amazing cream bronzer call the Baked Bronzer. Pro Tip: Apply this in a three shape on your face. Top of the forehead, under the cheekbone and under the jaw. This will give you a bronzed, yet chiseled and defined look.
  5. Blush/Bronzer Duo: Everyone’s goal in summer is to be sun-kissed right? Finding a great Blush/bronzer duo is going to be crucial for your makeup routine because it’s going to give you just the right amount of bronzy, warm, glow! Try the Burberry Check Palette for a stunning look. You can start off by focusing this on the apples of the checks, and with the left-over product you can run this over your forehead and chin. This will create a warmer tone makeup look and give the effect that you’ve been soaking in the sun. Pro Tip: Apply this in the crease of your eyelid for a monochromatic look.
  6. Fiber Brow Product: My makeup case transformed this summer when I discovered the Milk Makeup KUSH Fiber Brow Gel. Have no clue what this is? I didn’t either until I accidentally grabbed it in a rush and now I use it every day (everything happens for a reason, right?). What’s great about this product is you can achieve full, fierce and fluffy eyebrows in seconds…literally! The product has a gel like texture, and in infused with little building fibers, so when you swipe the spoolie through your eyebrows a few times, that is all you’ll need, Boom!
  7. Liquid Lipstick: We all get the struggle! Finding a lipstick that actually stays on, especially in the summer heat is close to impossible. That’s why I use a liquid lipstick. The formula dries down matte and lasts all day, at the end of the night you’ll really need to give your lips a good scrub because that’s just how well it lasts. A perfect nude shade is the Pop Beauty x Megs Pale Baby. This is my all-time favourite—I wear it almost every day! Now you’ll never worry about re-applying. You’re welcome.
  8. Lip Gloss: Okay, so for those of you that DON’T want just a matte lip and desire a bit of bling, don’t worry! The great thing about a liquid lipstick is that you can totally layer, and in fact that’s what I normally do. Layering a liquid lipstick first will give you the perfect base so nothing will move around on you. Then going into a nice glossy lip will give you that juicy affect, but it will STAY all day—how amazing! I like using sparkly glosses, one of my faves is the NARS Orgasm Lip Gloss. The great thing about this is you can also wear this gloss on its own if you just want to show off your lips natural colour. Adding the touch of gloss on top will be so flattering for the summer.
  9. Highlighter Mist & Setting Spray: Setting spray is a MUST for summer. In better words, setting spray is like hair spray but for your face. You spray this all over your finished makeup look to help seal in your makeup application. It truly works, and lasts all day long. My go-to is the MAC Cosmetics Fix Plus, they also have different flavours to pick from.I also wanted to touch on a highlighter mist, while this is different than a setting spray it is equally as important! A highlighter mist is similar in the sense that is comes in a spray or mist formula but instead of holding your makeup in place, it actually gives you a nice glow to finish off your makeup look. A great highlighter mist is the PATRICK TA Major Glow™ Highlighting Mist. You can either apply this all over your face, depending on the look you’re after or you can focus this right on the high-points of your face, to really focus the highlight in a certain area. Pro Tip: Apply this to your neck, shoulders and collarbone for a more glowy look.
  10. Body Oil: Now that we have mastered how to give ourselves the perfect face glow, we need to master how to give ourselves a great body glow. Ever look at someone and their face is absolutely beaming with radiance, but their legs look dry? These are all things I consider when I’m getting ready for a big event or when I’m doing makeup for a client. While we all are after a glowy look, you also don’t want to forget about your arms, legs or wherever is showing in your outfit. One of my secret hacks is applying a sparkly body oil all over the areas that are exposed in your outfit. A great one is the PATRICK TA – Major Glow Body Oil. There are three different shade options to work with your skin tone as well especially if you’ve been in the sun. normally our skin can get dry fast, so these helps hydrate your skin, while also giving you a perfect glow!



Julia Dantas wearing white jumper and summer beauty product
Julia Dantas wearing had and summer beauty product
Julia Dantas wearing summer beauty product

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