Vintage cars at gas station in Oshawa



This was the first fall season I’ve spent outside of school since I was 4 years old. I would spend the majority of my days sitting in classrooms or lecture halls while the summers I enjoyed and relaxed through transformed into the winters I would dread. Green leaves left their branches, the blue sky would turn grey and before I knew it, snow would pile onto the streets and remain until the school year ended.

This was the year I would finally enjoy fall. With the need to stay local and socially distant from others I would have to enjoy the fall season in my hometown, the same city I went to school in, where I watched the colours of the leaves change from the windows of my classroom while sitting restlessly at my desk. I wanted to see what happened throughout a regular October day, what people did while the warm weather slowly drifted away, and how the environments I grew up around changed in preparation for the colder months ahead. 



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