Moon phases on film



LUSO LIFE: Ground control to Helder… what drew you to the moon?

HELDER MATIAS: I’m fascinated by the universe & our place in it. I think there’s something special about how every single human being to ever exist has looked upon our moon.

LL: Are these photos part of a particular project you’re working on? ongoing series? future plans?

HM: I initially began this purely for fun. Once working on it & updating friends I noticed more & more ppl showing interest.
So my plan eventually is to make prints from this project in the darkroom. I also intend on capturing the upcoming solar eclipse on film. *fingers crossed for clear skies*

LL: How did you shoot this?

HM: I captured these by attaching my Nikon F film camera made in the 1960s to my telescope with an adapter. Over the course of this last year I’ve shot multiple film rolls & ran many tests to get it just right. Once ready, I planned to shoot the phases all on one roll which took longer than expected as this winter was very cloudy. Thankfully it worked out.

LL: Can you tell us a little bit about the process/experience of doing this over the last few months?

HM: It sucked lol… I shot these throughout the winter on my balcony between 9pm-5am October
to March. Waiting for a clear night & also needing the moon to line up perfectly from my perspective. Generally you check for clear skies, set up the telescope outside & line it up with the moon. Once set, I focus on the moon & ensure my settings are correct then hope for the best.

LL: Any interesting obstacles, learnings, revelations?

HM: The cold! It’s hard to operate an old film camera with gloves on so it had to mostly be bare hands for this one. Maybe next time I’ll make sure to shoot an astrophotography project in the summer…

LL: Favourite song about the moon?

HM: It’s gotta be ‘Fly me to the Moon’ – by my favorite artist of all time, Frank Sinatra.

LL: Moon landing… fact or farce?

HM: The moon landing 1000% occurred please don’t @ me.

LL: Any interest in going up to space? if so, which billionaire bozo are you riding with; Elon, Bezos or Branson?

HM: I would absolutely go to space! Take me up with all 3.

LL: Anything else interesting to share or add?

HM: Shoutout Quim Barreiros.




Moon contact sheet
Moon on film
Moon on film
Moon on film

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