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Has this quarantine made you realize a few things about your life? Have you had that ‘a-ha moment’, leaving you with the feeling that you are meant for something bigger and better?

Personally, this quarantine has taught me many things. One, I love free time. Two, I love the perks of working for myself because it has enabled me to live very comfortably. Three, I love that I can binge watch Netflix for two days straight without anyone breathing down my neck. I have a dream life which would be hard to attain if I was spending a third of it working towards someone else’s dream.

Okay, let’s back things up five years to my beauty industry debut. I jumped in with a head full of ideas, a box full of brushes and not much else. Since then I’m thankful to have had many career highs. One of the first and possibly even the biggest, was my appearance on Kim Kardashian West’s show Glam Masters, where I finished as a top finalist. Most recently, I’ve had the pleasure of assisting Alexx Mayo in creating iconic looks for Lizzo’s appearances at The Grammys, Saturday Night Live, the VMAs & AMAs. All truly unforgettable experiences.

Over the last two years, I have added makeup educator to my resume, having hosted 10 successful workshops and masterclasses throughout the GTA. With a high demand to host classes throughout North America, I have decided to take 2020 by storm and teach online.

The goal of the Julia Dantas Beauty Academy has always been to fill the missing gap in the industry by providing students with a complete experience. This 8-week online makeup certification course is built to do just that. Each week I will be releasing a one-hour makeup tutorial, followed by a one-hour live theory session. Topics spanning marketing, PR, social media strategy, contract building and so much more will be covered. Assignments will be sent out once you’ve finished watching the live lesson, which can then be submitted to me for feedback. After successfully completing the 8-week course, each student will walk away as a Certified Makeup Artist and more importantly, with all of the tools needed to be a successful freelance artist. As a little bonus, students will also receive 40% PRO discounts from our partners at MAKE UP FOR EVER & MAC Cosmetics!

Who is ready to level up, and become the BOSS BABE of their dreams? 

Enroll for Julia’s course at and use the promo code “LUSO2020″ to receive $50 off the class price!


Beauty by Julia Dantas

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